In these chaotic, confusing and troubling times,

KINS Innovation Networks are illuminating the way to a better world. Our latest offering is the We Go High Project focused on using the best in each of us to create a better world for all of us.

There IS a better way to a better world – join the movement to

“Go High When Others Go Low”

Our Latest Meme

We started the We Go High Project inspired by Michelle Obama’s call to “go high when others go low” and Ellen DeGeneres’s call to “be kind to one another”.


Please help us share the message …

The We Go High Network will:

Show/Teach You

Show you how others are going high and provide free and affordable resources, and online and in person training.

Connect You

Connect individuals, groups, organizations and businesses in the movement to one another.

Bring You Together

Gatherings will happen multiple times per year to share support, resources, strategies and build capacity.


Listen to You

Respond to your needs as they emerge.

We decided to use our 40 years of expertise in developing Innovation Networks to help build the movement for going high – see more at KINS Innovation Networks.

A Sponsored Program of Green America...

Certifying thousands of businesses, Inspiring hundreds of thousands into collective action, directing millions on internet toward solutions, channeling billions in community investments and founding dozens of Collaborative Innovation Networks.


Creating Breakthrough Networks Since 1983

Using a whole systems approach to advance bold missions that accelerate key solutions.


45 Networks Representing

sustainability, economics, women’s issues, Indigenous concerns, social justice, philanthropy and more.


Catalyzing New Industries

Significant contributions to social venture capital field, solar energy advancement, women’s leadership and valuing of Indigenous Wisdom.


Spreading Collaborative Innovation Globally

Solving complex problems that no individual business, organization, or leader can solve alone.

There IS a better way to a better world – join the movement to

“Go High When Others Go Low”

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Would You Like a FREE Guide to Going High?

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