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Free Webinar

Going High When Others Go Low

Tools, Practices and Resources for Taking the High Road to a Better World

Marilyn Levin, MSW – Founder of the We Go High Project

Going High When Others Go Low:

Tools, Practices and Resources for Taking the High Road to a Better World

Live Webinar

With: Marilyn Levin, MSW

Wednesday, May 24th

  1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT (New York)

  10:00am – 11:00am PDT (California)

*** If You’re Unable to Attend the Live Webinar You Will Still
Have Access to the Webinar Recording & Resource Guide ***



This webinar will provide useful tips, tools and resources from many different fields of study about how to break through the high level of divisiveness, gridlock and overall crankiness that we find ourselves in these days.

You will learn ways to handle these challenges effectively for yourself and in your interactions with others. You can expect to leave with: greater peace of mind about the state of the world, increased clarity about how to respond to it thoughtfully, and new perspectives and approaches to share with others.

Webinar Content:

  • Who are some of the leading edge people, groups and organizations in the “taking the high road to a better world” field and what are they currently thinking and doing?
  • What are the most useful tools from the fields of brain research, transformation, social change and spirituality when it comes to coping with and addressing the divisiveness in society and in breaking through the gridlock to solving our biggest challenges?
  • How can we allow for a diversity of approach in areas where we just don’t see eye to eye even within similar worldviews.  For example is now the time to unify, resist, fight back, expect the best, prepare for the worst, give up or move to another country.  How do we learn to co-exist peacefully within all of these different responses?

Host Organization: We Go High Project

In the face of rising reactivity, divisiveness and gridlock, we need to find a path through the many expanding meltdowns we are experiencing as a global community and accelerate the creation of the humane and viable systems we need to thrive.  It is time to honestly examine the results of the methods we are currently using and re-invent our approach to co-creating a better world.  Inspired by Michelle Obama’s call to “Go high when others go low” and Ellen DeGeneres’s call to “be kind to one another”, the We Go High Project’s intent is to serve as a resource and innovation network for individuals, organizations, groups and businesses who are committed to taking the high road to a better world.

Presenter: Marilyn Levin, MSW

Marilyn Levin, MSW is Founder of the We Go High Project – a resource and innovation network for taking the high road to a better world.   She is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and trainer and author of Experiential Activities for a Better World (English & Spanish). She is Managing Director of KINS Innovation Networks, a sponsored program of Green America.

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